My name is George P. Patterson and I have been in the lawn mower business for more than ten years now. My purpose of creating this website is to give ideas to those who are in search of the right lawn mower to use for their own property.

Before I even started with my lawn mower business, I used to be like everyone else that are looking for lawn mowers – confused and even annoyed that I cannot get the right lawn mower for my lawn. I had a sloped lawn and I had no idea that there is supposed to be how to guide yourself with taking care of mowing your lawn no matter what kind of mower you have. Because of my frustration, I made sure that everything that I need from lawnmowers must be gathered in one place.

The first thing that you are going to find in this website is the wide variety of lawn mowers that I share, but the most dominant thing you will ever find here is how to tips and tricks to mowing your lawn using different lawn mowers. You also get to know how to choose the best lawn mower for the type of lawn you have. You all do know that not every household has the same kind of lawn. There are others that are as big as half a football field. It may seem like impossible, but there are certain lawns or properties like that, such as a farmhouse. You also get to know which are the best lawn mowers to use if ever you are in a commercial business – offering your lawn mowing service to people that are not interested of buying lawn mowers, but are more inclined in hiring services instead. This is how diverse my work here is. I don’t just settle with showing you products but the right ways so that you won’t end up with the wrong lawn mower.

You will also find videos of lawn mowing. While most people that visit this site love to read tips or ‘how to’ instructions, videos are quite helpful as well. There are times that people just can’t understand the words written no matter how much they read it over and over again. This is why the solution I came up with was to create videos that are also similar to the written tips in this site. Therefore, this site is complete with tips and different lawn mower brands at the same time. You get to compare lawn mowers of different types and make a reference from the tips that are shared in this site.

This site is not just going to end with all that has already been written. They are going to be updated as well, since lawn mowers are made with technology, too. Whatever advancements technology has gotten, it will also affect the way lawn mowers are made. This will also come with added features, too. Whenever something new is added to creating lawn mowers, I will make a review about it and share my tips on how owners should handle it.