Black and Decker CM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

As a homeowner who is interested in mowing the lawn personally, you should check a few lawn mower options. You can choose among the reel push mowers, gas self propelled mowers or electric self propelled mowers. If you want efficiency and speed, you probably won’t be wrong with the last two. But if you want safety, a little of exercise and low expenditures, try the push mower. The electric lawn mower is loved by many homeowners though, because it is clean, efficient, convenient and versatile. You are able to choose a rechargeable battery version or a model that gets connected to a power source directly. In this article we support the Black and Decker CM1936 lawn mower that uses a rechargeable battery.  Here is more.

Black and Decker CM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Main features

The Black and Decker lawn mowers are very good, particularly the CM1936 mower. It has great features that we are going to discuss next.

Powerful and efficient motor

Black and Decker CM1936 boasts a powerful motor that is also very efficient, making your mowing tasks extremely easy and enjoyable. This, in addition to a sharp blade, puts the CM1936 in a class of its own when it comes to performance. According to the manufacturer, this mower is designed to mow up to a third of an acre with just one charge.

Pollution free

Of all the electric mowers we have bought, this one is the most silent we have done.  To start, you are required to use a key and then pull a handle. Once it starts, there is no noise that will be heard. So your neighbors will be at peace when you are running your Black and Decker CM1936 and this is a bonus because you can run it when you want to.

Easy adjustment and compact build

Since this mower has a patented one-touch height adjustment, it allows you to choose what the height of your grass will be. Simply pull a single lever to adjust the height of all the four wheels. And unlike conventional mowers, the CM1936 boasts a compact build that allows it to be folded for storage in an upright position or in a small room.

Grass clippings collection system

The Black and Decker CM1936 boasts a mulch and a rear bag system. You are able to use each separately depending on how you want to use your clippings. You can use the mulch system to slice the clippings and then leave them behind to decompose. Alternatively, you can use the rear-bagging system to collect clippings for compositing.

Removable and rechargeable battery 

The CM1936 has a detachable battery that is easy to take out and re-charge when the battery runs out of charge. If you want, you can order extra batteries so that you can continue mowing when the first battery charge depletes. Also extra batteries will come in handy when you have a larger plot to mow. The battery has 36Volts and comes with a matching 36 volts charger.

Two-year limited warranty

Knowing that its mower is a big investment, Black and Deck provides a 2-year limited warranty to the customers. So when your mower develops a problem within the first two years you can take it for repair.

Pros and Cons

As mentioned earlier, Black and Decker is renowned internationally for producing high quality and technologically advanced lawn mowers. The CM1936 model is very good as well, particularly because it is an electric mower that starts quickly, runs efficiently and uses a removable battery. Being compact and foldable, this model is easy to store and it does not release any fumes. So it is a non-pollutant and above all it is made to mow a third of an acre, meaning it is so powerful. Except being a little bit expensive, this electric lawn mower is worth your time and money.


After testing so many similar items, we can proudly recommend the Black and Decker CM1936 to you because we have tried it as well. There are also many reviewers who love this item on the internet. So we conclude that CM1936 is not a waste of money.

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