Comparison Test: Self Propelled Lawn mower

While lawn-mowing must be done during the springtime and summertime in particular, it can be a hassle and especially when it involves cutting the front/backyards after a workday or on the weekend. The good news is that self-propelled lawnmowers can make the process easier. They can be converted by discharging that outwards form the desk, emitting them into a bag, or chopping them into small bits that drop into the lawn. Here’s a comparison of three different models of self-propelled mowers:

1. Honda HRX 217VKA

Honda HRX 217VKA

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Honda has not only become famous for its automobiles and motorcycles, but also its lawnmowers. However, many people might be uncertain about whether they should upgrade to the HRX 217VKA. In particular, they might be wonder if it’s worth spending $200 more than a HRR216K9VKA, for example. The former has many features including a lifetime deck, 5-year warranty, and leaf-shredding mode. The last feature would definitely be a plus for anyone with a garden.

There are various pros and cons of the HRX 217VKA. One plus is that the variable drive is quite strong. However, a drawback is that each of the mower’s wheels has to be adjusted individually. That can certainly be an issue in terms of maintaining the unit’s balance and doing repairs.

Generally this is an excellent choice in terms of self-propelled mowers. It’s powerful and cuts/mulches very well. It might take time to get accustomed to the machine’s self-propulsion, but it runs quickly and smoothly, which allows you to mow the front/back lawn more quickly.

2. Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Electric Start

Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Electric Start

This unit includes 149cc/6.5 ft.-lbs gross torque. It also includes an OverHeat Valve (OHV) engine.

The unit’s electric start makes it an extremely easy way to start up the lawnmower. Users just have to twist the key to move. Besides that a big empty bag is easy to use, which makes dumping the contents quick and easy. Meanwhile, the 2-point height of cut system gives users a way to adjust the cutting height in a short amount of time, from 1 side of the lawnmower.

Yet another critical issue of this mower is its ability to start easily with just 1-2 pulls. The Lawn-Boy 10734 includes a 3-year “Tru-Start” guarantee. This ensures that Lawn-Boy will repair the mower for free.

This mower was developed to make mowing and also starting up the machine an easier task. It’s built to have excellent traction/control in various types of mowing conditions.

Another benefit is the 3-in1 discharge feature. This allows users to choose between bagging, mulching, or side-discharge.

3. Snapper 21” Gas Rear Wheel Drive

Snapper 21" Self Propelled Gas Mower with Side Discharge, Mulching, Rear Bag and Rear High Wheel

This mower is great for small to big sized lawns with hills. It’s rear wheel drive and includes variable speeds. It also features a series OHV engine and high-end features. It has increased durability, a quieter operation and is long-lasting.

The Simple ReadyStart system is definitely a plus. Users just have to pull for power, since there’s no choke or prime. In addition, the 3-in-1 deck allows users to choose from 3 cut finishes. They include mulching, side discharge, and rear bagging. This mower also includes a 1-point height adjustment with a total 6 positions. Users can thus change the positions based on whatever grass type is being cut. This helps to lower weed issues and sustain a healthy-looking front/back yard.The mower also includes a sturdy 8” front/rear lawnmower wheels with excellent traction. Yet another feature is an easy-to-use desk washout port that allows you to clean out bits of grass clippings that form underneath the deck.

Finally, there’s a 3-year warranty. This is definitely a plus as it helps to give you peace-of-mind that you can have certain problems fixed within 3 years.

These are just some of the top self-propelled mowers on the market. It’s important to weight the different features/pros/cons before you choose a particular unit. Selecting a self-propelled mower will certainly make it easier to operate the unit, and especially in certain situations. This is critical to help mow the front/back yards of your home or other grassy areas that have to be maintained.  It will help to free up your evenings and weekends when the weather outdoors is perfect for rest/relaxation, which is definitely a plus.

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