Cub Cadet SC500Z Self Propelled Lawn Mower review

Needless to say, any mowing machine is a relatively big investment. Once you buy a mower, it will not be easy to return it just because you do not like how it looks. The warranty will only be useful to you if there is a faulty component that the manufacturer can replace. Even if you are allowed to return the entire mower, you will have to accept the same model (but in good working condition) from the same company. There is hardly any company that wants to refund your money after you have bought a lawn mower. If you want to get a nice product that you won’t even dream of returning, get yourself the Cub Cadet SC500Z 159cc. Cub Cadet is an American manufacturer that has been serving the nation since 1961. It builds lawn care machines that last longer while continuing to work effectively. To learn more about the Cub Cadet SC500Z, read on.

Main features

Error-proof 159 cc OHV engine and AutoChoke SureStart™

Cub Cadet SC500Z (21The Cub Cadet SC5ooz is a very popular product that we have personally bought and used. In our opinion, this Cub Cadet model is great if you are looking for a perfect gas self propelled lawn mower. Using a 159cc4-cycle OHV engine, this gas mower is the type that starts up in just one or two pulls. This is ensured by the Autochoke SureStart™.

Variable Speed Drive System

Another nice thing about this lawn mower is its variable speed self propelled drive system. This allows the user to set the speed at which their mower will move and this is fun because they can decide how fast they want to finish mowing. You should set the speed based on the topography of your yard and personal preference. This mower is great for a difficult terrain as well as an easy one.

The Cub Cadet SC5ooZ has rear wheels that propel the entire machine so smoothly. Able to cut twenty-one inches wide, SC5ooZ’s deck is among the widest you can find. Together with the variable speed feature, this wide-decked mower guarantees quick operation and faultless results.

Rear-bagging, Side-discharging and Mulching System

We also loved the fact that we could use our favorite system: 3-in-1. When we go shopping for a self propelled mower, we always prioritize this system. It allows us to mulch, rear-bag and side discharge. When you have a 3-in-1 mower you are assured of a clean, thoroughly mowed lawn that does not call for a second pass. We love our Cub Cadet SC5ooZ 150cc mower because provides very high quality mulching, rear bagging and side discharging service.

Patented SmartJet™

The patented SmartJet™ is a high pressure deck washing system you will be provided with too. If you have used lawn mowers for a while, you know that trapped grass clippings and debris could decelerate the entire equipment. You may think that your equipment is faulty and useless when all you have to do to restore its good performance is just removing trapped grasses and dirt.

It is a good thing you are provided with the SmartJet TM pressure washing system for the deck. The 1.9 load capacity rear bagging is designed to block dust as well. Considering this cleaning system, it is easy to see why the Cub Cadet model is perfect for any homeowner who doesn’t mind using gas mowers.

Swift, Jam-free Movement

The industrial tread wheels found on the front of the mower are seven inches wide and of ball-bearing, full-swivel-caster style. The rear wheel is eight inches wide and both front and rear wheels help the machine move across any terrain. The Soft-Touch Grip Handle and the three-way adjustable and ergonomic bar/bail are other wonderful components you will love using.

Pros and Cons

Above all, you will have a three-year warranty to make use of when your equipment develops a technical error. In our opinion, this is one of the best self propelled mowers Cub Cadet has made so far. It can be bought for residential and commercial purposes, and there is no single chance that you will be disappointed in this mower.

One thing we had a problem with, though, is front wheel height adjustment and slight noise and fume pollution. Other than these we had a good time using this model, overall.


Cub Cadet SC5ooZ 150cc lawn mower cuts grass very evenly. It boasts immense power and the good news is that you are able to control its variable speed. Personally, we love our Cub Cadet SC5ooZ self propelled gas mower.

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Randy - April 29, 2016

I purchased this model mower last year…and it’s been the worse mower that I’ve ever owned. It worked great for 3 months…then suddenly while mowing at the end of the mowing season last year…it quit running.
I’ve had it in the local Cub Cadet service center for 5 weeks and they tell me they can’t determine what the problem is. They have replaced more in new parts than what the mower originally cost. I’m giving up and going to Lowe’s and purchasing a new mower today. This Cub Cadet was a big waste of money and time for me. I’m also not pleased with how the so called 3-year warranty works. That warranty is a joke.


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