Here’s a Quick Way to Solve the Greenworks Lawn Mowers Problem

A Greenworks lawn mower is a common lawn mower homeowners frequently purchase from retailers. Of course, that is only a given as the said lawn mower is a trusted lawn care tool by professionals. They are of high quality and they can easily give you the kind of lawn care you need. It is through this lawn mower that homeowners will be able to keep their yard tidy, leaving a good and lasting impression to neighbors and guests.

Since the Greenworks lawn mower is pretty much the most popular model for the lawn mowers, you can expect there to be common issues regarding its usage. It is only natural for that to happen since there are many people who use this product and so there are lots of data that can be collected. Good thing that these common issues are already acknowledged and they now have solutions that homeowners can rely on.

The Greenworks Lawn Mowers

For this particular lawn mower, you can say that this is not similar to the gas-powered lawn mowers. You will not find a spark plug anywhere with this particular mower. That means that there is no need for you to fret about the gas getting old or gumming up the engine. The common issues lie somewhere else. Here are some of the well-known Greenworks lawn mower issues that every homeowner should be aware of.

Problems on the Automatic Shut off Cable

A very well-known concern for some Greenworks model is related to its cable running from the mower’s handle and straight to its engine which is controlling the automatic shut off feature. There are issues about this being too unsecured or that it becomes looser as one uses the lawn mower. With this issue, the lawn mower will never be able to start up as it has to. To fix the problem, you will need to remove the slack off of this cable using a pair of pliers. You may adjust it a bit so that the slack can be easily removed.

Auto Throttling May Not Be as Good as You Think

Auto throttling is another common issue that people will usually experience with the lawn mower. With auto throttling, some people consider it as a good thing since they do not have to make adjustments on the speed of their engine. However, this particular feature will actually become problematic as soon as you get bogged down by thick grass which causes you to lose power. Auto throttling is a good feature only when the yard grows at an exact same pace. If the yard is made of turf, then the auto throttling feature will just become the source of headache.

Blades are Not Sharp Enough

Other people consider the blades of the Greenworks lawn mower as not sharp enough. Truth be told, almost all manufacturers do not sharpen their blades too much, so expect that any lawn mower you buy fresh from the manufacturers will not have the sharp blades you are expecting. It might be a safety measure taken by manufacturers to ensure that no one gets hurt while the lawn mower is not yet purchased. It might be necessary to sharpen the blades before using them for the first time.

Battery Power is Not Lasting Long Enough

The battery-operated Greenworks lawn mower should last for a certain period of time. Most people do not have problems with the battery but there have been owners who reported that the battery does not seem to last long. If you happen to experience this issue, then you better contact the lawn mower’s dealer as soon as you can. The weak batteries of the lawn mower you have recently purchased will not become better over time. Get the manufacturer to help you out by having them replace the weak battery or the lawn mower entirely.


Greenworks lawn mower are definitely good mowers. However, there is no machine that is perfect. Even the leading brand for lawn mowers has problems that they are working out right now. Even if the bad things about the said lawn mower are pointed out, that does not mean that the latter is a bad machine. If you research on the product more, you will find most of their lawn mower models have been rated highly overall. Despite the common issues that you might experience, getting the machine should still be worth the money.

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