How to Buy a Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers: a Buyer’s Guide On a Shoestring Budget

A lawn mower is the type of device that you should have so that you can personally mow the lawn. If you have this equipment, then you do not have to manually pull out the tall grass in your half-acre yard. Moreover, you do not have to pay for landscaping services just to get the lawn tidied up. Just considering the accumulated amount you will be paying the professionals, it will be definitely much cheaper to just buy the lawn mower and do the mowing yourself.

There are many types of lawn mowers that are available in the market. You have the gas-powered lawn mowers and the electric-powered lawn mowers. A lot of people prefer the electric-powered lawn mowers it is more convenient compared to the other option. They just need to plug it to an electric current or charge the battery and they can easily get the lawn mower moving.

Buy A Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Aside from that, one can also decide whether the lawn mower should be a corded one or a cordless one. The corded lawn mowers are those that you need to connect to a power source even when you are mowing just to operate the said equipment. On the other hand, the cordless does not require a cord and is running on battery alone.

To most people who have purchased their own lawn mowers, they prefer to have the cordless electric lawn mower. After all, it is more affordable for them. It is convenient as well since it is battery-powered and there is no need to have it plugged at all times just to keep it running. If you are interested in having the cordless electric lawn mower, here are some tips that might be of help to you.

Type of Engine for Cordless Electric Mowers

The lawn mowers, regardless of whether it is an electric-powered one or a gas-powered one, will definitely have an engine. The engine is what powers the lawn mower to make it cut grass. Typically, the lawn mowers that you will want to get is the one that is within the range of 140cc to 190cc. However, make sure to pick the lawn mowers with a larger engine when you plan to take care of a yard with tough conditions as they are more powerful.

Battery Life of the Cordless Electric Mowers

You have to check the battery life of the said equipment as well. For the cordless electric lawn mower, it is definitely running on a battery but this battery needs to be recharged. If it is not recharged, then the lawn mower will not move. Thus, you better choose an electric mower that has a battery life which can last the clearing of the entire yard without any interruptions.

Square Feet Measure of the Lawn

It is imperative that you check how big the lawn is. The capabilities of the self propelled lawn mower that you are interested in having should be sufficient for how large the lawn is. If the lawn mower can only handle 5000 square feet of grass, then it will be impossible to finish 8000 square feet of grass without the equipment breaking down. Consider the square feet for the grass found in the yard.

Features Offered by the Electric Mower

You also have to identify the features the said cordless electric lawn mower possesses. By doing that, you can determine whether or not the mower is suitable for your grass-cutting needs. Some of the lawn mowers are capable of doing mulching the grass clippings, collecting them in a single bag, or discharging the clippings back to the deck. However, there are lawn mowers that offer these three features while some offers only a combination of two.

Safety Features Included in the Mower

Operating the mower should be safe. Choose a mower that has several safety measures in place. For example, the mower you choose should have a mechanism where if you release it, the blades will then stop working. Of course, you also have to take your own precautionary measures such as wearing the right clothing to keep yourself safe.


Many other factors must be considered when buying the cordless electric lawn mowers. Consider maneuverability, height adjustment, starting mechanism, and grass management as well when you are interested in buying the said mower. Through these factors, you will figure out which of the available lawn mower models should you be investing on.

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