How to Buy a Cordless Lawn Mowers Vs. Gas Powered Lawn Mowers: Which is Best? On a Shoestring Budget

Mowing the lawn is a task that every homeowner will have to bear in mind. Mowing the lawn has to be done regularly to prevent the grass from growing too tall. The tall grass will just make the yard look untidy and that would give off a bad impression to guests as well as neighbors. The untidiness of the yard will also reflect unto you, as you are the homeowner.

If you do not want that, then you have to make sure to mow the lawn on a regular basis.  You can hire someone to come and mow the lawn once a month or you can hire a landscaping service provider to take care of the job. On the other hand, you also have the option of personally seeing to the mowing of the yard. If you opt to go for the latter option, then you have to buy your own lawn mower.


How To Buy A Cordless Lawn Mowers Vs. Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

For clipping the grass in the yard, you have to options to choose from. You can either choose a cordless lawn mower or a gas-powered lawn mower. You might think that these two are the same but they are not. They have their own unique characteristics. The differences between the cordless and gas-powered lawn mower go past the features and price tag. They also have their own pros and cons, which can then become a factor affecting your purchasing choice.

When you have plans to purchase a lawn mower, then you have to consider first what the cordless and gas-powered lawn mowers are like. Get a clear understanding of each of these mower types, how they work, and how efficient they are. That way, you can select the best tool for a perfect lawn care.


The cordless mower procedures little to no sound when you are operating it. This is unlike the gas-powered lawn mower which produces noise at an average decibel level of 106. Take note that noise with a decibel level of 85 can already cause hearing loss so just imagine how noisy it is to use the gas-powered lawn mower. If you have the gas-powered lawn mower, then you will have to wear ear protectors to protect yourself against the noise produced by this equipment. The neighbors might also be annoyed by the noise so you will most likely have to mow the lawn in the morning or when the neighbors are already off to work.

Ease of Use

When starting the engine of an electric mower, you will most likely do it with a push of a button. On the other hand, the gas-powered ones will require you to grip its handle and yank quickly on a cord. If the gas-powered lawn mower is still functioning well, then starting it up should pose no problems. Otherwise, you will have to pull on the cord several times just to get the gas-powered lawn mower to start.

Environmental Impact

The gas-powered lawn mower will easily create greenhouse gases emissions due to the gasoline combustion process. The said emissions will have harmful particles released in the environment, harming not only the operator but also Mother Nature. However, with proper maintenance, the pollution caused by the gas-powered lawn mower can be significantly lessened. On the other hand, the electric-powered lawn mower generates minimal pollution since the engine does not have gasoline combustion.


The electric lawn mower is the best to use on a small and flat area. If this electric lawn mower is battery-operated instead of plug-in type, then one has to bear in mind that the said lawn mower is only for a limited use time. The plug-in type requires you to be close to a power source too. On the other hand, the gas-powered lawn mower can handle thick and tall grasses which the electric lawn mower cannot handle.


Aside from these factors, you also have to consider the maintenance, features, and safety options that are offered by the electric and gas-powered lawn mower. You might even want to ask a professional to see which one is the best. Decide on which one is best only after you have thoroughly understood what choices you have.

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