How to Maintain Your Best Lawn Mower?

There is a factor that most lawn mower shoppers do not take seriously when looking for a suitable product to buy. This has to do with their ability to troubleshoot and maintain their mower when it is inevitable. While there will be a limited warranty offered by many manufacturers, you cannot depend fully on it. When the warranty period ends you will be on your own.

Lawn Mower Tips

There are technical experts in your local towns, obviously, but what if you try the do-it-yourself formula. You can DIY to save money and to avoid going back to the shops for a totally new self propelled lawn mower. Some of the technical faults can be solved without using sophisticated tools or requiring too much knowledge and expertise.

So, are you up to the challenge? This article will give you general tips on how to maintain your lawn mower so that it can last longer and work flawlessly.

Teach yourself how to maintain your Mower

Needless to mention, lawn mowers come in various types, sizes and structures. So the first thing to do is to understand your specific mower. How does it look like in terms of components? There are basic components of a mower such as the blades, wheels, handles and starts. The difference is that these components have different shapes, rotate in a certain manner and are located in different parts of the mower’s body. The big task you have now is to know your mower’s structure.  Furthermore, maintenance work will be done according to the mower type: self propelled, robotic, hover, reel, rotary, tractor and so on.

Simple maintenance tasks: changing oil

If you own a gas model, with a spark plug and an engine, you will not avoid changing oil. This is the most prevalent maintenance job you will do in the course of using a gas model. What you should do is easy. First you need to remove the spark plug and then sneak a look at the oil drain plug. As we said above, mowers are not similar. Some models have an oil drain plug at the top of the cutting blade.

changing oil

So you need to use the manual booklet you received while buying to locate the position of your model’s oil drain plug. When you find it, drain the old oil and then refill the tank. You can change your gas mower oil every two months. But to know that it needs an oil change you could check the fill tube, as it shows the current level of oil. Regular oil change could increase the lifespan of your mower.

Don’t keep blunt blades: sharpen

As aforementioned, blades are common components in all mowers. Some have a single blade while others have dual blades. These do the cutting job. While it may be difficult to sharpen your blades often, after sixty or ninety days, it is highly recommended that you do. If you don’t want to, then you need a mower just like the Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel. It has blades that don’t touch when mowing and so they don’t get blunt.

If you must sharpen your mower’s blade, remove it according to the manufacturer’s instruction. You will definitely need a tool like the spanner or wrench to remove the blade.  If your blade has rust, use steel wool to clean it. Then file your blade with a metal filer. Alternatively, take it to a professional and then install it once again.

Maintain your Wheels

Wheels are mostly damaged by intense pressure. Since mowers have smaller wheels, pressure must be maintained at the right amount. Any excess pressure in the tire might trigger damage to the wheels. So read the manual section that talks about wheel maintenance and follow instructions correctly.

Clean the underside after use

The underside of mowers gets dirty through out the mowing session. If this dirt and grass clippings are left there, the mower’s appearance and performance could deteriorate very quickly. So it is advisable to clean your mower after use by tipping over the mower to its side. Some mowers have a water hose attachment and others do not.

Filter replacement

If you are using a gas mower you will have to change the air filter on an occasional basis. If it catches debris, it will not filter air properly. So what you should do is to replace the filter often to keep your engine performing well.


The main thing when maintaining a mower is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You do not have to be a perfect technician. Simply follow instructions when troubleshooting and maintaining your mowers. If there are loose nuts and bolts, just fasten while being cautious.

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