How to Make Repair the Spark Plugs On a Lawn Mower

It is very tiring to pull your back out in attempting to start the lawn mower, and then only have it sputter and die. In such cases, you have to consider the possibility that it may be time for you to get a new spark plug. The spark plug is the device that easily creates the electric spark igniting the fuel within the engine. If you observe that the spark plug is not in good condition, then it is obvious that it is the reason why your lawn mower is running rough or not starting at all.

You will benefit a lot if you can check your spark plug yearly. You can make it a part of your regular maintenance. There might be no need for replacement if you just clean the spark plug up and adjust it. Simply reset the spark gap right at the end of your spark plug.

How To Make Repair The Spark Plugs On A Lawn Mower

Learning how to replace the spark plug would benefit you a lot. Even if you are not inclined to do any mechanical works, you should do it since replacing the plug will only cost you five dollars if you do it on your own. That means a lot of savings compared to when you call a professional over to do the job.

What You Need to Have

When it comes to changing the spark plug on the lawn mower, there are components that you must prepare beforehand. One of them is the spark plug which is readily available in hardware stores, home improvement centers, auto parts stores, lawn mower repair shops, and agricultural supply stores. Another component to have is the spark plug wrench which allows for the easy changing of your spark plug.  You also need to have a spark plug gap gauge to measure the spark plugs gap where the spark is produced.

Locate the Spark Plug and Disconnect the Wire

The spark plug is pretty easy to find since they are most commonly found at the front of the mower or sometimes at the side. Once you find the spark plug, you have to pull off the spark plug wire. You should have no difficulties removing it since just giving it a little wiggle will make it come off. In case it got stuck, then you will need to use pliers very gently. Check the wire hood and the contacts. If you see the spark plug wire being rusty or corroded, then you will need to replace it.

Remove the Spark Plug and Check the Gap

With the use of the spark plug wrench, you can remove the spark plug by turning it in a counterclockwise direction. Check the spark plug gap after that to see if it is properly set to the distance that was recommended in the lawn mower manual. The best way to check on the spark plug gap is to take advantage of the spark plug gap gauge. Otherwise, gently tap the spark plugs end on a solid surface so you can reduce the gap or bend it out a bit to increase the gap.

Install the New Spark Plug

Repair The Spark Plugs On A Lawn Mower


Use your own hands to install the new spark plug into the hole by turning it in a clockwise direction. There should be no resistance for you if you do that. If that happens, never force the spark plug in because that can lead to cross threading. Instead, unscrew it and plug it back in. After it has been plugged in, use the wrench gently for tightening the plug until its snug. Never over tighten since the threads might strip or the ceramic plug might break.

Reattach the Spark Plug Wire

The last step is to push the spark plug wire right back into the new spark plug. This should be the last step that you have to take in repairing the spark plug. Once you reach this step, you are done. Congratulations!


These steps are very easy to follow. With these steps, you can replace the spark plug for your lawn mower all on your own – with your own two hands. Not only will this save you money, there is also a sense of accomplishment for you. You have one a job that most non-mechanically inclined people would entrust to a professional. That’s a job well done for you!

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