How to Make Replace Lawn Mower Tires

Having a lawn mower is important for homeowners. With the lawn mower, it should be easy for homeowners to take good care of their own lawn. This lawn care tool will allow them to clip the grass to a shorter height, ensuring that their yard does not look untidy. The lawn mower is the most efficient tool to have when it comes to cutting grass, after all.

The homeowner will have to take good care of the lawn mower. Calling a professional to do the maintenance or repair can be quite expensive so it would be helpful if the homeowners learn about some troubleshooting steps, especially with the common issues that come with having a lawn mower. By learning how to troubleshoot common lawn mower problems, that can minimize the instances when the homeowner needs to call professionals.

Make Replace Lawn Mower Tires

One of the common lawn mower problems that should be easy for a homeowner to personally do is the replacement of the lawn mower tires. The tires should only be used for a period of two to three years. If the tires are already too old or if shows signs of significant wear and tear, then you should replace it as soon as possible. Here are the steps on how to replace lawn mower tires.

Lock the Lawn Mower Down

Put the lawn mower in gear as well as the parking brake so that it does not roll and the tires are kept in place while you are working on it. The rim should be left on the axle as this can provide you with all the leverage you need for this job. You can cut a significant amount of time off of the required time to complete the task if you just leave the axle on the rim.

Get It off the Lawn

Basically, you have to lift the lawn mower using a floor jack. The floor jack should be positioned under the frame rail or cross member as doing so will help you prevent any damages to the lawn mower. Crank your floor jack so that the tire will be raised off the ground. As a safety measure, lifting the mower should be done on a level ground, which is preferably cement or store. Do not forget to engage the jack’s safety lock as that can prevent fatal accidents too.

Before You Remove the Tires

It should be good to note that not all lawn mower tires have the same design – they vary. Some of the lawn mower tires have the front tires on spindles, thus you will have to remove its black rubber boot covering the spindle beforehand. You better prepare a pair of pliers, flathead screwdriver, and other tools to ensure the proper removal of the C-clips and rubber boot on the spindle of the tire you want to take off.

Break the Lawn Mower Beads

As soon as you get access to your mower’s valve core, you need to start releasing air from the tire carefully. That can be easily done by just unscrewing the mower’s valve core and then replacing it with another one later. Break the outside and inside beads with the use of tire irons, ensuring that the rims are not hit. The inner tube must be removed next. Work on the outside and inside bead after that.

Getting the New Tires On

The beads should be thoroughly lubricated with a tire lube. You should then set your tire onto your rim at right about 45-degree. Force this rim inside of your tire as much as you can. The tire iron can then be used to work on the beads right around the rim. After that, you can insert your inner-tube in case you have one in  your position.

Finish the Tire Replacement Process

You should use the ratchet strap in security the beads of the tires. Attach the air hose to the tire. And that’s it!


The steps for replacing the tire of your lawn mower are fairly easy to follow. Just take note of every detail of these steps and follow them diligently. Also, do not forget to take precautionary measures when replacing the tires. You do not want any accidents to happen, after all. Wear protective gloves as well as the appropriate clothing for this kind of work.

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