Husqvarna 5521P 21-Inc Push Lawn Mower Review

  • Affordability - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Motor - 8/10
  • Cut Quality - 9/10
  • Maintenance - 9/10

What kind of lawn mowing machine do you desire? If you are more interested in gas lawn mowers, we are about to introduce a great item to you. Having used this mower ourselves, we would like you to try it as well. It is called Husqvarna 5521p 21-inch mower. It is a high rear wheel push mower with an attractive compact design.

Husqvarna is a famous manufacturer of lawn mowers and has other products we have already test-run and liked. This particular equipment is so great that when you buy it you will want to use it for good. It has many perfect features and makes one of the most dependable gas lawn mowers.  More about it is described as shown below.

Main Features

Superior Engine

Husqvarna uses a powerful engine: Briggs and Stratton 51/2 torque 140cc engine. There is no question about the quality of engines from Briggs and Stratton. There are many other mower producers who prefer using these engines as well, making them the most desirable options in the US. Because of this particular engine model we have found that our Husqvarna 5521p 21-inch can work non-stop regardless of the topography.

21-inch cutting deck

Just like us, you probably like to cut your lawn quickly and perfectly in order to move to another activity.  The 5521P model does not disappoint, fortunately, as it has a twenty-one-inch cutting deck. This allows you to finish mowing much faster and do another work in the garden or house.

Strong and big wheels 

This is a four-wheeled gas lawn mower with eight inch high front wheels and twelve-inch high rear wheels. These sets of wheels roll effortlessly when the mower is given a slight push. They are also strong enough to slide on top of any terrain.
3-IN-1 system – The wide deck is also equipped with the famous 3-in-1cutting system. This component offers three different ways of coping with your grass clippings: rear bagging, side discharging or mulching. It is upon you to choose the most convenient method among the three.

Easy storage and transportation

Besides being a compact mower, as indicated above, the Husqvarna 5521p 21-inch offers flexible handles that can fold down when the equipment is not being used.  Then it can be stored in the same box it arrives in. When time to reuse the mower comes, simply take it out, unfold its handles and fasten the bolts. Then move to the yard and start mowing.

2-year Limited warranty

Husqvarna understands that a lawn mower is a big investment that some consumers take time to save for. This is why it has a limited consumer warranty that remains usable for two years.  The equipment is also California Carb Compliant.

Compact design and 5-point height adjustment

As the engine it uses is quite small, the Husqvarna 5521P 21-inch gas mower is lightweight. It is also easy to push and manoeuvre because of having a compact design.  Since many users prefer cutting their grass to different grass heights, Husqvarna created 4-point, 5 position cutting height adjustment system in this model.

This feature gives you confidence when cutting grass because you can effortlessly alter your grass cutting heights and finish the mowing task like a pro.

Pros and Cons

This Husqvarna mower model has many benefits it can offer you. Being a gas mower, it is very suitable to people who have bigger yards. The topography is not a big deal as this equipment was made with this in mind. It is a good choice if you have tall grass that would require a few passes to look perfect. With this one you could trim tall grass and do it over and over.

As long as you are using the equipment the way it should it will produce the cuts you want. This being a gas-operated lawn mower, the oil and gas need to be changed often. In addition, the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced to ensure that the mower is running smoothly. Some people might dislike engine maintenance work yet it must be done regularly.


Husqvarna has many items in its product line yet we think that the 5521p model is among the best you can purchase for your lawn. Just be careful where you order your model from to avoid avoidable defects.

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