Important Tips to Consider When Applying Fertilizer to Your Lawn

Part of keeping your lawn healthy is making sure that it is not only watered on the regular, but that it is properly fertilized too. You need to give the grass the necessary nutrients and nourishment it needs to ensure that it grows and thrives as well as you hope it would be. A lush and healthy-looking lawn is definitely not something that will happen on its own. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires some techniques and it is definitely going to help if you have a good idea what methods to utilize when it comes to getting fertilized the right way.

Lawns that are fertilized the right way can be expected to look healthy. They can be expected to cost such a dense turf as well that make is possible for this part of your ground to retain their lush and vibrant green color. You will definitely give the weeds a good scare when you are able to retain the lushness and the overall health of your turf. Nitrogen is considered to be a very important part of keeping lawns green and healthy. It helps when one is able to get a good understanding of the role it plays in keeping the yard verdant. Understanding the different requirements of different varieties of grass will help one fertilize more effectively as well.

Applying Fertilizer to Your Lawn

Buy the Right Fertilizer

It matters that you have an idea of the kind of fertilizer that you should get when you shop for one. You will find that fertilizers that are meant to be used for this purpose tend to have three numbers on their label. These are figures that will help the buyer identify the percentage of phosphate, nitrogen, as we as potassium. There are the primary ingredients that need to be sued when it comes to keeping a healthy lawn. Understanding what these numbers mean and which combinations of these nutrients are going to be ideal for your lawn allows you to get the best growth results after applying them.

Opt for Slow Release Fertilizers

It is always suggested that you go for fertilizers that are of the slow release kind. They are quite effective towards breaking down their nutrients. This means that you will be able to wait longer when to comes to the applying these nutrients. There is going to be a longer interval f waiting before you will need to apply the fertilizer again. People who will opt for slow release fertilizers will be able to have a wait time of six to even eight weeks as compared to the usual four weeks.

The best slow release fertilizer to use is one that contains a lot of nitrogen, but to avoid too much as well. A good amount of nitrogen that would be ideal for any lawn is usually around a tenth of a pound on a weekly basis. Lawns cannot really get any lusher than that. Using more will only likely to cause the grass to grow significantly faster, though this might be a good idea to some. But this might mean you are going to have to do more mowing as a result.

Watering More means Fertilizing the Lawn More Too

[su_youtube url=”” width=”820″] [/su_youtube] It is important to remember that if you want your lawn more often, you are going to have to put in more effort at getting it fertilized more often as well. There is going to be likely more growth when you water the lawn more. So, this means that there is going to be more growth. When there is more growth more fertilizer is going to be needed. When grass grows, it uses nutrients the more growth it has, the more fertilizer is going to be needed as well.

Do read the instructions on the label of the fertilizer of your choice when it comes to applying it after you have done watering. Different types of fertilizers may require different methods of application. Paying attention to the instructions ensures that you will be able to get them applied the right way for best results.

Avoid Over-applying the Fertilizer

Always remember that too much of anything is not going to be any good for the grass. You need you consider the recommendations on the label of these fertilizers in order for you to get more details when it comes to the proper application rate. Most experts recommend not to follow the recommendation right away. The best way to get things done would be to start by applying half of what is being recommended on the label.

Doing so ensures that the spreader is not going to remain wide open. So, the fertilizer should be spread don the lawn at half the rate in which it was recommended to be done so on its label. This should be done in one direction. Afterwards, it should then be applied in the same rate, but this time in a perpendicular direction. This is a good pattern to ensure better coverage. It is quite effective too towards preventing these situations where you end up over-applying the fertilizer.

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