Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips – Things You Can Do by Yourself

While having a powerful lawn mower is an imperative thing to do, most people do not know that having them also comes with a hefty price. In other words mowers grow older, less effective and totally unreliable when we neglect them.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Play your part in Mower maintenance

Depreciation is a must but it can be prevented by taking care of your mower after every use. If you have a mower from the best brand, there is no way you will have a hard time maintaining it. Since your lawn mower is not a toy, know that it could fail to start one day for no apparent reason and you will not mow you lawn.

Then you will be disgusted by it and even think the worst of the brand that made it. But let the truth be told; when you neglect your mower it will get faulty. It has mechanical parts that suffer from friction when moving. The worst that can happen is not just failure to operate. The equipment could run in a manner that could cause unnecessary injuries to you or others.

How to maintain your lawn mower like a pro

This will mostly depend on the sort of equipment you have. The most difficult type of mower to deal with is a gas-operated mower. Whether or not it is self-propelled, a gas mower has an engine that has vulnerable parts. There is need to change the oil, replace your spark plugs, and change or clean air filters on a regular basis.

Though a very powerful machine, a gas mower demands consistent attention from the owner. The manual reel mower is the easiest to maintain. It barely needs any care, perhaps removing stuck grass clippings from the cutting deck, but the downside is that it is driven physically by you.

Another thing is that the reel mower is the safest to use around children and pets and it is the slowest.  Electric mowers have motors and other parts that could require replacement if the equipment is replaced.  Each lawn mower is different and so if you will maintain it yourself you should use a guidebook from the manufacturer. If there are special problems you have noted, go online and search for solutions.

If your mower is made by a popular brand, there will be so many people who will write about it on blogs and forums. You can also ask technical questions and the experts who participate in forums and other internet sites will be glad to help. If you are looking to replace your mower, do not just pick the most difficult to maintain.

Get equipment that you could maintain by yourself at home. Regarding maintenance as well, you could let someone else repair your mower in exchange for money. But you can save money just by learning to do simple things that make mowers last longer. Mostly, you will want to keep the blades sharp.

How to prevent Lawn mower injuries

Thousands of accidents and injuries happen every year in the United States because of improper use of the mower or using a faulty mower. The most common injuries are triggered by ride-on-mowers in other developed countries, and the thing that causes a major concern is that several kids are involved.

When using this kind of mower you need to spare your kids the ride. Children who are below 12 years should never be allowed near any lawn mower.  The older kid who is in his teenage can ride a ride-on mower though. It is always wise to never lift the mower from the bottom as the blade could cut your fingers regardless of whether or not it is running.

Another thing you must always do is to wear your safety clothing: closed-in shoes, goggles, gloves, long pants and muffs to protect your ears. Then when you turn off the machine, do not touch it immediately as it will be adequately hot to burn you. Never cut damp grass with your mower, always maintain your mower and drive it when you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


If you want to always have your mower in a proper working condition, keep its blades sharp first. Then remember to remove all debris and stones from where you plan to mow.

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