Lawn Mower Selection Tips

The lawn mower manufacturers keep on increasing. Some of the largest companies in the US and elsewhere create all types of mowers. Any form of discovered lawn mower design is in their product lines. So it is rather obvious that the prospective customer could get confused when trying to choose a great product for commercial or residential mowing work.  Since there are so many products to choose from, each offering unique pros and cons, caution is needed when trying to purchase a good mower.

Like some misguided shoppers, you possibly believe that any costly mower is great. While the saying that “cheap is expensive” may is still be sensible, you cannot so sure that the most expensive lawn mower is the most durable and functional. There are cheaper mowers that do the job perfectly. Further, some shoppers think that the bigger the mower the more effective it is.

Again this is not the case. You might come across a small mower that mows any grass species regardless of the height. In short, it pays to take the time to compare what is best for your yard in terms price, features, size of the yard and other factors. Here are your options:

Reel Lawn mower

reel lawn mower

Alternatively called the push, cylinder or manual lawn mower, the reel mower is the most classic model you can buy.  It comes fully equipped with vertical wheels although this depends on the brand you come across. The main thing is the cutting deck and how it is attached to the body. Some reel mowers are more practical than modern machines that use electricity or gas. Further, these items are cheap, quiet, easy to maintain and safe in homes with little kids that easily get involved in mower accidents. Modern reel mowers do not require a lot of physical strength to push.

Electric Lawn mowers

Electric Lawn Mower

There are a number of top quality and effective electric lawn mowers we have tested and loved. These are mowers that run by the power of electricity. Some models are corded, meaning that they run after being plugged into a power outlet. The other types are cordless and so they use rechargeable batteries.

Electricity is the cleanest fuel, making these sorts of mowers the best when it comes to the protection of the environment.  Most electric mowers operate quietly too, and start with a single push of a button. Additionally, these machines are easy to operate, less expensive to buy and easier to maintain than their gas-operated counterparts.

Rotary Mowers – Push or self-propelled

Rotary Lawn Mower

This kind of lawn mower is run with gas, electricity or petrol. In short, rotary mowers are mostly motorized now. While there are so many options to choose from, the best rotary mowers are designed to cut all types of grass and weeds, including the toughest ones.  One thing that makes them less desirable is their bulkiness, making them harder to push unless they have the Self propeller technology.

Riding Mowers

Riding Mowers

Walk-behind mowers are fine when your lawn is small. People who have two yards or one big yard would get so tired if they decided to use the walk-behind mower. Their best pick would be the riding mower. This mower is more sophisticated, featuring a seat for the user and the components that will enable the user to manoeuvre and mow. These are expensive mowers.

Tractor mowers

Tractor Mowers

They look like normal tractors for farming only that they are tinier. The cutting deck for the tractor mower is usually situated between the front and rear wheel axes.  These are even more expensive than riding lawn mowers. Depending on brand, tractor mowers can have a very sophisticated craftsmanship.

Hover, Robotic and zero-turn mowers

Robotic Lawn Mower

Hover lawn mowers commonly use a rotary blade yet they lack wheels.  Without wheels, one may wonder how they operate. It is easy; they float in the air. There is a tire to offer cushioning though, and may be best for hilly yards. Zero-turn machines are best purchased for a yard that is full of obstructions as they don’t need a turning radius.

To afford these you need to save a relatively large chunk of money. Robotic mowers, as the name suggests, are automatic mowers. They may be run by a solar engine or durable battery.  Robotic mowers are just like reels in that they keep the surroundings clean.


When you go shopping for the best lawn mower, make use of the tips we have shared above. Note also that each category of mowers has so many options that need to be explored before any purchase is done.

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