How long does it Take for Tomatoes to Ripen dnd How to Take Care of it

Are you thinking of how long does it take for tomatoes to ripen? You are reading the right article! In the rest of this post, we will provide you with insights on some of the things that you should know. We will not only tackle about the ripening of the tomato, but more importantly, we will also be discussing how you will be able to take care of the plant. By keeping in mind the tips that will be mentioned below, you can be assured of having a healthier plant, and in turn, the fruit will ripen quicker as well.

how long does it take for tomatoes to ripen

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How Long Does It Take For Tomatoes To Ripen

Frustrated – this is most probably how you will be feeling when your tomatoes are killed by frost or whatever external condition before they ripen. The entire process can be complicated and there is no rule of thumb with regards to the duration by which it will ripen. Generally speaking, however, it will take about six to eight weeks before the tomatoes will ripen. Again, it should be pointed out that this should not be taken as a universal truth, but a conservative estimate. There are external conditions that can make it grow quicker or slower.

How Tomatoes Ripen

It is also important to take into consideration the ripening process. By being aware of the latter, you will be able to understand what is happening with your plant. Once it turns red, this is an indication that it is already ripe and will be ready for harvest. The change in color from green to red is because of a compound known as ethylene. It is tasteless, odorless, and invisible. When the fruit reaches its maturity stage, this is when it starts with the production of ethylene. If there is strong wind, the ethylene gas can be carried away from the fruit, and hence, this is one factor that could possibly delay the ripening process.

How To Take Care of your Tomato Plant

Take Care of your Tomato Plant

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To make sure that tomatoes will ripen quicker, it is essential to take care of it. Tender loving care is needed even by tomatoes, guaranteeing their healthy growth. This will also provide you with the confidence that the fruits will be ready to harvest in no time. Among others, one of the most important is choosing the right spot. Make sure that it is planted in the right location, which will help to optimize its growth and ripening. It should not be too crowded, otherwise, the plants will be cramped and this can possibly hinder their growth.

In line with choosing the right location, another thing that is important is to choose a bright spot. For the growth ad ripening of tomatoes, sunlight will play a critical role. Winter may not be a good time for tomato planting. If you are growing during such season or if they are grown indoors, artificial lighting can be helpful. Generally speaking, the plant should receive 14 to 18 hours of light daily.

Before planting tomatoes, preheating the soil will also be a good thing. Tomatoes, in general, love heat. This is the reason why they should be exposed to sunlight as much as possible. The soil can also be a great source of heat. One thing that you can do is to cover the soil with plastic a few weeks before tomato is planted. This will trap the heat.

It is a given fact that water is an essential for the proper growth of tomatoes. However, this can be quite tricky. Watering should be done properly. It is recommended that you water deeply, but this should be done infrequently. Avoid making the soil soggy. It will be good to soak the plant bed at least once every week. During the summer months, this should be done at least once every five days since the soil will dry quicker because of the heat of the sun.

The health of the soil will also be essential in order to speed up the ripening of the fruits, or the growth of the plant in general. With this, adding manure or compost can be a good thing. This will provide the soil with the nutrition that it needs, triggering healthy growth of the plant.

In sum, planting tomato is not as easy as it seems. The ripening of the fruit will require patience. It is not one thing that will happen overnight. To make sure that it will be ripe quicker, pay attention to the things that have been earlier mentioned. Just like in the case of other plants, you need to take care of tomatoes in order to speed up the transition of the fruit from green to red. If you know who to grow it right, it won’t take long before you can finally have ripe tomatoes.

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