Simple Tips and Hints On How to Maintain Your Mower

There are few imperative things you need to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. The most imperative factor is your ability to maintain the lawn mower. If you cannot maintain the equipment properly, its speed might be affected. And without good speed your mower will be so slow and unreliable. A regularly maintained mower is not just quick but also economical and fun to use.

Any mower can be preserved if there is a guidebook for you to read and follow. In case you own a lawn mower that has become so slow, tips in this article will help you restore its speed level to where it was when the equipment was delivered. Even if you do not end up attaining the same speed, these tips will let you enhance the speed to a level you can comfortably work with.

Ensure that your guidebook or manual is near you as you carry out some of the tasks we will explain below.

Test your spark plug

Spark Plug Lawn Mower

The spark plug must always be in a proper working condition. When it is not working properly the engine might as well stop working properly. And when the engine is affected the speed of the mower will be restricted. If the ignition of fuel and air mixture is abnormal in the engine, simply remove your spark plug and install a new one. Follow the procedure described in your booklet.

Remove old engine oil

engine oil lawn mower

Your lawn mower engine must be nurtured and maintained consistently. One thing that affects how the engine works is old, engine oil. If you ignore changing this oil the side effect is that the engine will slow down.   With a slow mower you cannot plan any other serious task after mowing. So you should regularly remove the old oil and replace it with fresh oil.

Ensure that you buy the correct type of engine oil for the mower. Some manufacturers will specifically mention the type of oil that suits their mowers. Always get this oil to increase your mower’s longevity.

Clean or replace the air filter

Engine power is directly affected by the performance of the filter. When the air filter gets clogged up, the engine power decreases. This affects the mower’s speed and overall performance.  Ensure that you replace the filter occasionally, and clean it in-between to keep the engine performance high.

Check the engine governor

Most gasoline engine mowers have a component called governor. The work of the governor is to control and adjust the flow of gasoline to the engine. It also creates the maximum engine speed.  If its length is larger, the speed of the mower might be restricted. So you should try to reduce the length, and to remove the entire component to see whether it has a problem.  If you cannot detect the problem you should take it to an expert.

Replace a damaged drive belt

Drive belt or cable is an imperative part of your lawn mower. The problem is that it could get damaged and affect how quick your mower could move. To ensure that you restore your mower to its original speed level, get a new drive belt installed immediately. Your booklet may have directions on how to install a new drive belt.

Rechargeable batteries

It is imperative to ensure that your rechargeable batteries are in a proper working condition. If your batteries are defective, buy new ones and discard the damaged ones. Damaged batteries could easily affect the speed of your mower.


This is among the most essential parts of the mower’s engine. If it fails, air and fuel cannot be mixed in perfect rations and so the engine performance is likely to slow down. A carburetor that is suspected to be defective should be checked by a professional. If you are able to repair it, then go ahead. The important thing is to increase the speed of your lawn mower.


If you do all the above-mentioned actions and notice no changes, take your mower to a professional. They are in a better position to detect a more serious problem. For those of you who have a new mower, doing all the above things regularly may guarantee its durability.

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