Snapper Ninja RP2187520 Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review

A home without a nicely trimmed yard looks incomplete. And although you might have pruned bushes in the yard, it is the lawn that markets your home. When your lawn is consistently watered and fertilized, it develops the lushness that the eyes could forever feast on. But when turf is given proper care, it will also grow tall and thick much more quickly and will look less attractive. This is why you need a personal mower to always trim your lawn and keep yourself from paying a lot of money to hired professionals. We have seen so many types of self propelled lawn mowers. To tell you the truth, however, the Snapper has become one of our best lawn mower brands. We have bought a number of mowers from different brands just so we can test them and share our experiences with you. And the Snapper Ninja RP2187520 is the mower we want to discuss today.

Main features

Components that guarantee enduring performance

The first components we noticed on this feature are the steel-front-axle and the wide steel mower deck.  Not only does the HI-VAC® deck boasts sharp cutting blades but also a wider cutting path. With this mower you could cut up to twenty-one inches at once.

What that means is that you can finish up your mowing job and move to something else.  The snapper’s disc-drive transmission is another super component that enhances performance.  Boasting a very reliable speed adjustment system, this disc-drive transmitter is a great addition to this mower.

Note that the speed control system moves forward and back rather than sideways. This mower uses the Briggs & Stratton 875 Professional SeriesTMEngine. Engines from Briggs and Stratton are usually very powerful and long-lasting.

A smooth drive guaranteed

It would be a dishonor to overlook this Snapper’s higher wheel torque and control capability.  Whether we are moving down hill or up hill, this is the component that improves the mower’s speed. It also ensures that tough and thick grass is cut instantly regardless of terrain’s difficulty.

Ninja® Mulching Blade

This is a nice component too in the Snapper Ninja RP2187520 model. The blade is so sharp and flexible when cutting grass into tiny fragments that gets blown back into the lawn.

Instead of bagging your grass clippings, you can make use of the Ninja® blade to shave and damp them over the yard to decompose and add manure. This blade has six strong cutting surfaces.

Easy start

A mower that won’t start quickly can be so annoying. This powerful machine comes with a ReadyStart® starter. You do not need any special preparation, like choking or priming, to start this mower.  Just pull the starter and it will let itself go. Unlike many push mowers out there, this one does not make noise when mowing.  If you want a homeowner-friendly lawn mower, get the Snapper Ninja Mulching SP Mower any day.

Efficiency is not a problem

Before owning this Snapper model, we have had other models that were less expensive but inefficient and feeble in terms of design. This Snapper Ninja is just what we needed to boost our efficiency when mowing and to finish the job perfectly.  We can guarantee high, priceless performance from start to finish.

Pros and cons

One of the yards we tested this mower on has very thick St. Augustine grass. You know that this is one of the toughest turfs existing, and some of most difficult to maintain.  Our Snapper Ninja self-propelled itself over this grass as if it were soft and thin. We were amazed at how swiftly and smoothly it drove, considering that other models we have tested on this tough grass didn’t move an inch further.

If you need a mower that eats up everything in its path, including weeds, choose this model. It feels lightweight, agile and durable. It is the best mower we have owned and tested, and it is worth every dollar. We can hardly say anything negative about it so far, as there is none.


Do you want a self-propelled lawn mower with a powerful engine and great components? We definitely think you should buy the Snapper Ninja RP2187520. There is no doubt in our minds that you will love it.

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