Some Tips on How to Get Your Lawn Mowed Fast

Not a lot of homeowners are huge fans of mowing the lawn, but just like many of the other chores around the house that no one really looks forward to doing, someone has to get it done. No one wants to leave the lawn uncut and untrimmed for a long time or the grass will be overgrow and the weed is likely to overrun the place as well.
This is a task that needs the right techniques and skills too. You cannot just get the mower, power it on and then have it plow through your yard. No. You have to consider the manner in which you are able to cut the grass as well. For instance, you have to consider the neatness of the cut and how the rest of the landscape is going to look like afterward. So, it does help immensely if you take appropriate steps towards ensuring that you will get the mowing done the right way.

To the person who is not really looking forward to the idea of getting the lawn mowed, the best way to make the task easier to bear would be to find ways on how to make it easier and not to mention faster to execute. Cutting down the time needed to get the job done does help in making it a more doable job. Of course, things would have to depend on a lot of factors as in the case of the size of the lawn you have or the kind of mower that you own as well.

Consider the Features of Your Lawn

Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Take not of the kind so features that your lawn has. If you happen to have part of the yard that might make it hard for you to mow them in such a uniform process, then you always have the choice to get them taken care of ahead of time. This will help save you time later on. This gores true for those parts of your yard where you have trees, plants, flower beds, and such other similar features.

Make sure that you take care of these spots first. Mow around them. Then, when you decide to start mowing the entire place in a pattern, you will not have to worry about having to deal with such obstacles. Do the same thing for landscaping features, building, statues, walkways, as well as gardens.

Make Sure to Work in Rows

If you are really hoping to get the mowing down as fast as you can, then make sure that you get it done in rows. Many have found that this is the fastest and most efficient way for them to get the task done. Of course, you are going to have to consider the direction of the mowing too as this can play a crucial role when it comes to how quick it is going to be for you to mow.

Consider the width of the lawn. When the lawn is actually wider compared to being long, then the best method is to mow it using horizontal rows. Working on the yard with rows that correspond to the longest area of the lawn ensures that you will be able to reduce how many likely turns you would need to make. That is definitely going to help reduce the working time that you will need to spend when working on the yard. Do the opposite when the yard is longer than it is wide. Just see to it that you get the rows overlapped though it ensure that you are not going to end up missing out on cutting some of the grass.

Going in Concentric Circles Work

Sometimes, there are those people that do not really like the idea of having to work in rows when getting their yards cut. If this is the case, then going for a concentric circle movement when mowing the ground is a good idea as well. This affords the person doing the task the same benefits as in the case of working on rows. This means that you will also be able to successfully limit the number of turns that you are going to have o make when using the mower.

Many people would even argue that this method is far more efficient. This is usually because the turns that you will be making will all be in the same direction. The turns won’t be sharp as well. So, this usually means that maneuvering the mower is going to be an easier task for you to do. This technique is definitely going to help make it easier for one to work around features in the yard as well. In the event that you did end up forgetting to mow a garden or a flower bed on the yard, this is one mowing technique that will allow you to get the job done with such smoothness and such efficiency too. Hence, making it a really favored pattern among those that had to get the mowing done.

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