Tips to Keep the Self Propelled Lawn Mower Running and Your Garden Sublime

It is not going to be possible to look after your lawn and not use a lawn mower, and to keep them working all year round.  There are certain tips that will make this easier. The longer you neglect your lawn mower, the harder it will be to repair the machine and the worse it will be when it comes to garden maintenance. If you can do it yourself that is fine, but there is no harm asking for help from an expert. Your lawn will look better and mowing will be much easier if you keep your mower in optimum condition.

Fix Lawn Mower

What to do after receiving your mower

When you first get the machine, make sure that you understand how it works as this can save a lot of time and money in the future. Just knowing what to do with your mower can mean that you will still be using the same mower a decade later. It should be remembered that parts need to be serviced and parts that are likely to wear need to be oiled. Take care that the small parts are kept safe when they are removed as it will make it impossible to use the mower.

Although the machine is designed to remove grass, the failure to remove grass from the undercarriage of the mower can cause a major problem. Once the grass has been removed, either by scraping the remains away or using a wire brush, anything that has managed to cling on is easy to remove with warm water.

Caring for the blade

Blade Lawn mower

The blade of a reel mower is the best ice of equipment you have when it comes to mowing the lawn and for this reason it is vitally important that it is well looked after and not allowed to rot or rust. A well looked after blade will cut the grass perfectly, but a blunt one is going to hack at the blades of grass and make a complete mess of the lawn. It will seem easiest to sharpen the blades with a vice file or metal file but this can be a mistake. To get them sharpened to the best standard, it will be best to take them to an expert as they will have both the ability and the equipment to ensure they are returned as good as new. This is not going to be an expensive job so there is no need to worry about being able to afford it.

Service your mower before use

Few things can be more annoying than getting the mower out to mow the lawn at the beginning of the summer and finding out that it either does not work at all or does not work well. Have an expert check it out and while this will incur at a fee it is also likely to extend the life of the mower and prevent you from having to look for a new one after just a couple of years of use.

If you decide that you will carry out the work yourself, make sure that you have proper equipment. Thick gloves need to be worn just in case there is contact made with the blades. In addition, it is likely that there could be small stones left in the grass clinging to the cutters and this why you also should wear safety goggles.

Choose a reel more for smaller lawns

A reel mower will normally be used for just a small lawn as it will not be the easiest of machines to push if there is a large area to be dealt with. There is however reel mowers that can be sat on and these will bring about the need for other forms of maintenance as there will be other parts that need to be looked after. So it is advisable to be cautious and more selective when picking the right equipment.


In conclusion, it is possible to carry out the maintenance yourself if you feel confident enough, but also there is no harm in asking for help if it is needed. By paying attention to what you do, the bulk of the work can be carried out, but it would be ideal to watch an expert before trying to do the jobs alone.

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