Toro 20360 e-Cycler Cordless Mower Review

Toro produces lawn mowers that are technically powerful and dependable no matter what. Boasting a full century in mowing business, Toro has clearly stood the tests of time. It has, in the process, come up with more innovative self-propelled lawn mowers that make your mowing work effortless.

Toro sells only top-quality mowing machines. When you pick an electric model from Toro’s product line, you know that you are taking home a mower that is made to last. Our favorite of all Toro products is the 20360 e-Cycler 20-inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.

Toro 20360 e-Cycler Cordless Mower Review

Would you like to know why we just cannot get enough of this cordless lawn mower? Here is a review of this product. Continue to read on to understand what features this Toro model has, how these features work, and why you need to buy it.

Toro 20360 is high performer

Weighing only seventy-seven lbs, this electric lawn mower is lighter than so many other cordless lawn mowers. Featuring a 4-inch deep domed deck, Toro 20360 is constructed for high quality mulching performance. With its easy two-step operator controls, novices and experts can safely and easily use this equipment to mow their lawns.

Top Efficiency Components

Being a cordless machine, Toro 20360 is suitable for all yard sizes. You do not have to extend any cords or mow carefully not to run the machine over your cord. This is a cordless mower that uses a rechargeable 36-volt or 12-amp battery system. This system can offer up to seven thousand to ten thousand square foot of run-time.

The twenty-inch cutting path is relatively big and sufficient as you will not have to do another pass. This is a 2-in-1 cordless lawn mower, providing a rear bagging and mulching unit. There is an optional side discharge though. Sold with a two-year full-warranty, this Toro mower is versatile in terms of cutting height options it offers.

You can adjust the cutting height between one and four inches. The battery charges from 110-volt source, and it takes up to seventy percent of charge in just three hours. Without gas or oil you will cut your turf so beautifully and smoothly, and eventually you will notice that this equipment is saving your money, time and energy.

Environmental Friendlier

Another thing we love about the 20360 e-Cycler is that it causes no pollution. Your home environment as well as the neighborhood will retain its clean air even when you are mowing your turf with this model. It won’t spill any oil and or make any noise. Being emission free and silent, the e-Cyler is way better than any gas mower out there. What we effortlessly loved is the equipment’s ability to offer trouble free operation.

Easy to start and Drive

To start you should just insert a key and slide the control lever toward the handle and the machine will start to drive itself. Additionally, the 20360 e-Cycler has very thick and durable seven-inch wide front wheels and eight-inch wide rear wheels. These wheels make the equipment drive smoothly when you give it a light push.
The twenty-inch dome lets you cut grass in corners and hidden areas. This dome deck is specifically made to increase the performance of the e-Cycler mulching unit. This unit cuts grass clippings into small fine particles and packs them back on to lawn to increase humus. But you are also free to gather your grass clippings and leaves by attaching the provided grass bag— the choice is yours.

Pros and Cons

Note that the e-Cycler’s battery comes fully charged from the factory so that you can start mowing your yard immediately. When the first charge depletes, the battery will require twelve to sixteen hours to charge. This is advantageous, particularly, if you had neglected your lawn for a while. The last thing you want is to waste a whole day after your equipment is delivered.

E-cycler takes care of the first charge, which is good news. There will also be a charger cord in the box. Everything about this model is cool, except for the small grass catcher that was not enough for our needs.


Toro’s 20360 e-Cycler lawn mower is self propelled and cordless, as aforementioned. Because it is cordless, you can mow a yard of any length, width or topography without difficulties. The important thing is keep your battery charged. It should be fully charged because you need full charge to mow up to ten thousand square feet in one hour.

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