WORX WG788 19-Inch 36 Volt Cordless 3-In-1 Lawn Mower Review

Are you ready to mow your lawn all by yourself? If so, do you know the best mowing equipment for your turf? lawn mowers are very popular these days as they are contemporary and stress-free to use. Although there are gas versions you can find on the market, electric mowers are ideal to those who dislike the smell of oily fumes produced by gas mowers. When picking the electric models, however, consider the cordless styles. These are powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be removed when the charge is low. What makes these models better than corded electric models is because they can be driven across a bigger or small yard. There is no cord that interrupts the user’s movements. As there are many options out there, we would like to suggest the WORX WG788 lawn mower.

Main features

WORX WG788 is a thirty-six volt cordless mower with a PaceSetter and removable battery.  Its features are discussed in depth as shown below.

IntelliCut mowing technology

WORX WG788 Cordless Self Propelled Lawn MowerThe WORX WG788 model boasts what the manufacturer calls IntelliCut technology.  This technology is used to guarantee that the power is right there when you want it.  If you have used some lawn mowers in tough conditions, you have witnessed how slow and nearly useless they become.

IntelliCut technology sets this mower apart, in that it lets it cut grass in the most difficult conditions. It does not matter whether you have tall grass. When mowing strong grass, change the dial to Power and the reset to Quiet when cutting the grass at the edge near your neighbor’s fence.

Strong battery that keeps charge

WORX WG788 is designed for larger yards that have tall and thick grass. Its battery can run for sixty minutes non-stop, allowing it to mow up to eighteen thousand and five hundred feet per charge in Quiet mode.  This equipment comes with a few more reliable cordless features including the power level indicator.

It lets you see how much charge is left. The removable 36V battery and charger are also included. The positioning of the removable handle system simplifies the task of removing the battery when it needs to be recharged in a separate place.

Three-in-one system

This feature is common in all top quality mowing devices. It lets you mulch, side discharge or bag your grass clippings. If you want to nourish your yard directly, simply switch the equipment to the mulch option. Alternatively, you could bag your clippings for disposal or compositing. The choice is yours. Note that the side discharge chute, mulch inserts and grass bag is already included in the WG788 delivery box. You definitely will find a manual booklet and a safety key.

Easy-on switch

Some lawn mowers bore the users because they are hard to start, particularly the gas ones that use a pull start. This is not the case with the WORX WG788 though. There is no one day that you will get your hands all dirty and soiled trying to check oil.  This model is clean and easy to start as you will simply press a button.

Six mowing heights

Some seasonal grass species can be very tricky because they grow quickly. But this model’s mulching blade is designed to chop up your grass clippings much more effectively than the standard blades. Additionally, it offers six different height slots to help you set the correct height of mowed grass. Further, altering these heights guarantees professional cuts. Your lawn will appear like it has been mowed by a professional mowing company.

Pros and cons

And when you want to store the equipment in a small tight spot, the handlebar will collapse itself.  The WORX WG788 model is very easy to run, silent and cleaner than other mowers we have seen. Compared to push mowers, this product is much more convenient and efficient at their work. Many passes are not required after the first one as you can mulch, bag or side discharge your clippings. Uncoiling and stepping over an extension cord is unnecessary when using this mowing machine. When using this item we hardly ever found anything so problematic.


We think the WORX WG788 mower is great overall. After testing it ourselves, we just don’t have any complaint about it.

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